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Declaration of Conformity and Performance

Threaded transport anchor systems

Threaded transport anchor - straight tail

Threaded transport anchor - offset

Threaded transport anchor - long wavy tail

Threaded transport anchor - short wavy tail

Compact anchor

Stick anchor

Screw anchor

Hexagonal anchor

Capped end anchor

Hexagonal plate anchor

Lifting insert with cross hole

Lifting insert with crimped end

Lifting insert double sided

Threaded transport anchor elongation

Lifting loop with threaded end

Lifting loop plus


Lifty with wire rope


Wirbelstar KH

Threaded transport anchor SL - straight tail

Threaded transport anchor elongation SL

Lifty SL

Transport loop system

Spherical head anchor system

Spherical head transport anchor

Spherical head double-head anchor

Spherical head transport anchor - offset

Spherical head flat steel anchor

Spherical head rod anchor

Spherical head double-headed anchor

Spherical head lifting clutch

Hole anchor system

Spread anchor

Two-hole anchor

Erection anchor - one-sided and double-sided

Plate anchor

Flat feet anchor

Double-ended column anchor

Sandwich panel anchor

Universal anchor

Ring clutch

Ring clutch with wire rope

Cast-in lifting hoops

Cast-in lifting hoop

Cast-in lifting box

Rope anchor with offset

Polypropylene lifting loop

Angled loop

Further systems

Double-wall transport anchor

Masonry anchor

Lightweight concrete anchor

PB anchor