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Spherical head transport anchor

Spherical head transport anchors are very universally applicable anchors for wall-like geometries, which are used in both light and very heavy precast concrete parts. They convince with their simplicity and robust components as well as an easy installation with the appropriate accessories. Here, the applicable load directions are axial and diagonal tension.

no parts projecting above the element's surface
easy installation due to the rotation symmetrie
quick coupling of the lifting device into the anchor
robust, long-lasting lifting device

Spherical head lifting clutch

Exclusively for the Spherical head anchor system the Spherical head lifting clutch is designed and enables with its simple mechanism an easy, safe and very fast (un)coupling of a precast element. Due to its robust design it is very durable and therefore ideal for daily use. In order to increase the safety of the clutch a check gauge for a fast and easy test of important wear measurements is available.

Spherical head accessories

For an optimum fixing of spherical head anchors and easy coupling of a lifting clutch various recess formers are available for this anchor system.

Floor and roofing slab
Bar-shaped element (e.g. purlin, waler, beam)
Shaft, manhole