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Filter cleaning

Give us your contaminated filters (regardless of the design) and we’ll be happy to send you a quote, without obligation, for cleaning your filter types in the future.

We clean:

  • High pressure, wet and water filters
  • Air, exhaust air and air intake filter
  • Filters made from metal fleece, wire mesh and stainless steel
  • Edge gap filters, strainer baskets and star-shaped screen filters
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Filters with a solid basic structure
  • Industrial system filters (pumps, housings, heat exchangers)

Fluid management

We also carry out oil analyses and all aspects of oil management (testing, determination, cleaning, etc.) at your premises to guarantee that your machines always run smoothly. Faulty processes in hydraulic systems are often attributable to contaminated oil. As a consequence, malfunctions or even production downtimes can occur, which mean unnecessary time and cost expenditure.


Our solution:
Our new PHILIPP on-site fluid service minimises your oil analysis workload. The use of high quality and reliable devices is essential when checking oil quality. We use our particle counter to guarantee the precise determination of the purity level and water content.


On-site service

  • Mobile testing devices make it possible to carry out the inspection on your premises, which saves an enormous amount of time.


Advice on preventive maintenance

  • If poor oil quality (oil contamination/mixture, etc.) is detected quickly, you can take direct action to resolve the problem. This eliminates the risk of serious motor or pump damage at an early stage.



  • Our competent team will be glad to advise you.


Sources of contamination

Oil can get contaminated for a variety of reasons:

  • Production-related (e.g. welding, installation, transport, etc.)
  • Operational (e.g. wear, corrosion, oil aging, tank evaporation , etc.)
  • Maintenance-related (e.g. unprofessional repairs, etc.)
  • Introduced (e.g. already contaminated pumps, valves, tubes, etc.)

No more contaminated oil!

  • Competent oil draining and analysis
  • Documentation of all the results
  • Solutions for remedying poor oil quality
  • Conducting of the necessary cleaning work
  • Service life optimisation
  • Reduction in wear due to inferior oil