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StepPHix - Stair design software

With StepPHix, the PHILIPP GROUP provides a user-friendly stair design software free of charge. After entering the edge parameters of a staircase, a suggestion of the appropriate anchor is automatically given. 

Furthermore, an automatic check of the concrete cover to the anchor foot takes place. The stair width is also automatically arranged symmetrically to the center of gravity. 

Save valuable time - generate your installation proposal simply and with a click!

Design software for PHILIPP PB anchor

Permanent fixings in concrete using simple anchor bolts with internally threaded insert that transfer tensile and shear loads as well as combinations of these can be designed easily and quickly with this software based on the current Eurocode 2, Part 4.

Design software for PHILIPP Sandwich panel anchor systems type SPA/SA/FA

Our Software supports you to design and to select anchor systems of type SPA and type SA/FA, i.e. Sleeve Anchor/Flat Anchor, for reinforced sandwich elements. The easily understandable software allows a quick design of anchor systems for panels with an isolation layer up to 40 cm setting only a few parameters like geometry, layer thicknesses and bearing systems. In addition to a simple operation and design the software provides clearly arranged verifications, an exact U-value calculation and interfaces to the CAD systems Strakon.

Design software for the entire PHILIPP Power Series

Only with a few entries, our online calculation allows you to design precast reinforced concrete connections with the approved Power Series products (One, Duo, OS and Box).

PROFIS Anchor Cannel Software

The PROFIS Anchor Cannel Software is a reliable and cost-effective way to optimize the anchor channels for each construction project. A user-friendly interface allows the quick and easy selection of suitable anchor channels for any type of application. The design calculations are based on current European design codes EOTA TR 047/EN 1992-4 and European Technical Assessment ETA-16/0929.

PROFIS Anchor Channel produces detailed verified output results which can then be submitted for approval.

Universal CAD Library

You can download complete 3D models as well as 2D views in a variety of formats suitable for all CAD systems. The library covers almost the whole PHILIPP portfolio of transport- and mounting systems.